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Offshore Maritime Ltd was founded in August 2006 by Jim Halligan who operates the company by offering a personal service to his clients in providing either survey or consultancy work or as often found, a combination of both.

Since leaving a seagoing career having over seven years experience in the rank as a Chief Engineer, Jim has spent nearly 20 years as a surveyor and consultant working in both the marine and offshore environments – which has included a leading Classification Society and London based marine and offshore surveyors before establishing Offshore Maritime Ltd as a Director of his own company.

Services have been provided to existing engineering, surveying and consultancy establishments. The experience of working with other companies, has had the benefit of developing affiliations enabling us to respond to enquiries requiring the skills of Naval Architect(s), Mechanical Engineers, Master Mariners, etc.

In providing services as Offshore Maritime, it has been particularly important to ensure that clients are satisfied with the end product for each and every project worked on and while not soliciting responses for the services provided, it has been rewarding to often receive written recognition for the services provided as follows:

Thruster Installation Manager role :
“Thanks for your help and effort with all of this. An excellent job well done despite all of the issues the team had to face...”
(FPSO Commissioning Manager)

Technical Bid Assistance for FPSO Conversion :
“Many thanks for the long days and short nights – a great ambassador...”
(FPSO project engineer)

Project engineer – on site for STL buoy pull-in preparation & underwater installation of thrusters :
“Stay in touch and thanks again for the excellent work and solid dedication you exhibited on behalf of our project. I would be proud to recommend you to anybody who is looking for a consummate professional gentleman...”
(Contract Engineer - Oil Company)

Considerable experience across a broad spectrum of the marine and offshore industry, has been gained; past survey work includes :

Oil Tankers (all sizes to ULCC) Bulk Carriers
Chemical Tankers Livestock Carriers
Fast ferries Conventional Ferries
Mega-yachts Passenger Ships
Cargo/Reefer vessels Specialist Construction vessels
Offshore DSV’s, FSU’s, FPSO’s, Semi-Submersible vessels, etc

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As a consultant past work has included :

Expert witness providing impartial opinion for a semi-submersible vessel involved in condition dispute on conclusion of time charter/ expert witness for dispute during conversion of commercial vessel into offshore specialist pipelaying vessel.

“... would like to express my thanks to you for your marvellous work on the case...A vital factor in our success has been the tremendous spirit in the team and your contribution, in terms of common-sense and also an ability to keep all things in perspective has been marvellous...”
(Senior Partner Leading London Maritime Solicitors)

Risk management work including Failure Mode and Effect Analysis for critical marine systems.

Project engineering – site supervision for propulsion installation works/marine and safety engineer during FPSO conversion/ assist bid evaluations for FPSO conversions/ Front End Engineering Design for conversion works, etc